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Born 1977 in Fontanella, Austrian Alps, Hanno Burtscher grew up in a small village in midst the Austrian Alps. Nature was always present and served as the stage for the main activities throughout his childhood and adolescence.

Subsequently, when he began to study architecture in Vienna, he had to balance the non-materialistic part of design-and concept study throughout the year at university, with something tangible, (a project he could get his hands dirty with), during his summer holidays. Working onsite on building developments seemed like the best fit.

He met Martin Rauch, and the rammed earth construction technique, in 1998 for the first time. He’s been actively engaged in an art, discipline, and profession of rammed earth ever since. Under the careful mentorship and guidance of Martin Rauch, he gained his knowledge, years of hands-on field-experience, and mastery in rammed earth construction.

From 1998 to the present day, many of Hanno’ larger scale work experience and global projects came working as a project leader for LehmTonErde, Martin Rauchs’ company. Additionally, for over eight years now, Hanno has also been working as an entrepreneur, working independently on his own projects, spread around the world.

¨Influenced by the years of different projects and the new cultures I was exposed to, I observed a crucial idea at the genesis of all of my work: Yes, building with a sublime natural material (earth) is great. And yes, the quality, elegance and construction of rammed earth is remarkable.¨

¨But as the person responsible for building rammed earth structures for people, and the individuals occupying the spaces he creates – I have come to realize an unusual added value, and the effects of being surrounded by earth, and especially to work daily, year to year, with earth, offers all parties the opportunity to reconnect with our natural environment, and ultimately ourselves.¨

¨From our constant availability of connecting with people and immediate access to information and entertainment, rammed earth projects are welcoming setting – the perfect antidote to fast paced times we live in.¨

Building with earth, and ultimately sharing with the future occupants of earth structures, the experiences and innate benefits which earth brings, drives all of Hanno’s work. From the capacity to ground and balancing us, and the sophistication, inherent beauty, and it’s qualities as an ideal and sustainable construction material, Hanno’s mission is to share these qualities and experiences of rammed earth to individuals around the world.